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Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Waiting for Fall: Start Planning Now


Limbo. That’s the status of many Central Coast gardens during the first part of September. Other than harvesting the last sun-ripened summer vegetables, keeping pace with watering and pulling an occasional weed, there’s not much that demands our attention. Which makes this the perfect time to prepare for fall. Whether you’re anticipating a simple tune-up or wholesale renovation, you can start planning now. Consider the overall layout and flow of your garden first. Then focus your attention on plants. Hardscape Hardscape is just about everything that’s not a […]

Push Back That Fence!


It drives me nuts when people install a fence on top of their front-yard property line, or flush with a corner of their house. That is, unless there’s a compelling reason to do so. Instead, I much prefer stepping back the fence a few feet, or sometimes pulling it forward. Doing so creates a sense of depth, provides all sorts of planting possibilities and is far more interesting than simply erecting a flat, hard face against a sidewalk or in line with the exterior of your home. While […]

Hardscape Edging


Joan Bolton, I read your article on edging material in the latest edition of Fine Gardening and hope you can give some advice. I have tried several types of edging to separate planting beds from lawn, but have had unsatisfactory results. Currently I have a product from Home Depot that comes on rolls (recycled plastic), but it is too thin (about 1/8th inch) to stand up to being run over by over vigorous contract lawn mowers. The board bender product you show in your excellent article looks a […]

Repairing a Decomposed Granite Path


Hi Joan, I’m re-doing a decomposed granite path at home and Tom said you use a concrete-like binder to hold together your paths. With my sandy soil, despite weed barrier fabric and power tamping of the soil and DG, after a couple of years, the weeds come back. I’ve got bender board on the sides, too. I think the DG tears apart the weed barrier. Maybe the binder might help keep the DG together and prevent this from happening. Can you suggest something I can add to the […]

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