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Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Make Your Home a Habitat


In a grand sense, we all know that birds, butterflies and other wildlife need food and shelter to flourish. But what may not be as well known is the extent to which our own, individual gardens can contribute to wildlife’s general well-being. The National Wildlife Federation is seeking to change that, by encouraging both home gardeners and communities worldwide to create a network of mini-refuges for wildlife through its Certified Wildlife Habitat program. While the name may sound intimidating, the process for creating a certified garden is not. […]

Agaves: Tough as Nails


Tough as nails. All across the desert southwest and Mexico, agaves stand up to just about anything: punishing heat, severe drought and poor, gritty soil. While the ability to defy those extreme conditions isn’t necessary for survival in Central Coast gardens, agaves do make for some very resilient plant choices. And choices there are, ranging from little tykes the size of cupcakes to statuesque specimens 10 feet tall. So Many Uses Some agaves work well in masses; others as elegant focal points. All form rosettes of thick, succulent […]

Desperation Gifts for Gardeners


With Christmas just three days away, what’s a desperate shopper to do? Head for the garden gifts, of course. While the mall is likely sold out of the latest electronic gizmos and toys, most garden centers and home improvement stores still have plenty of loot. The following items are sure to delight anyone who loves digging in the dirt, from beginners to experts, from youngsters to seniors. These items are affordable, too, ranging in price from less than $5 to upwards of $100, with a few pricey suggestions […]

A Motherly Plug


All on its own, this weekend’s Dwell on Design conference at the LA Convention Center — billed as “The West Coast’s Largest Design Event” — is a great opportunity to see cutting-edge home and garden design. But what makes it even more special this year is that my daughter Laura is one of the panelists on the Sustainability Stage on Sunday, 6/27, at 3 p.m. Laura will talk about the health benefits inherent in green design as part of the session, “Industry Trade Secrets: How to Make Your […]

Park Seed and Jackson & Perkins File in Bankruptcy Court


There’s sad news for the horticultural world today. Park Seed, Park Seed Wholesale and Jackson & Perkins have filed for reorganization in bankruptcy court. All three companies have been significant players in the gardening world for more than a few lifetimes. Park Seed was founded in 1868; the wholesale division in 1870, and Jackson & Perkins in 1872. The following press release arrived this morning, which explains that the three companies have three months to prepare restructuring plans. In the meantime, they will stay open and continue to […]

2010 San Francisco Flower & Garden Show


Going to a garden show is a lot like window shopping. While there’s no plate glass to smudge your nose against, there’s still an invisible barrier between you and the lavish displays. In the case of garden shows, that’s because the designers create pieces that have to be picture perfect for only a few days, not for a summer, several seasons, or many years. But that doesn’t mean that the shows aren’t still fun. They offer everything from sweet, mini fantasies to vignettes that you wouldn’t be caught […]

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