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Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Succulent Garden

  • These precisely placed concrete rectangles guide visitors from the street to the front door. Rather than breaching the existing retaining wall at the sidewalk, we created the new entryway by placing the bottommost rectangles next to the sloping driveway, then staggered their alignment at just the right moment to lead guests to the new courtyard gate.

  • The rich red of the blooms of Brakelights red yuccas is picked up on the glowing tips of Fire and Ice echeverias in the foreground and the rounded leaves of several paddle plants on the left. In the background, the cheery, yellow and green striped faces of Sunburst aeoniums brighten the space beneath the eaves and contrast beautifully with the deeper tones of the taller, dark purple aeoniums. The orange glow of sticks-on-fire on the right packs a punch, while a yellow-blooming aloe adds a dramatic flourish.

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A Lesson in Geometry

Near Turnpike Road

Walkways composed of crisp rectangles and squares help control what might otherwise approach a chaos of color and form in this thoroughly updated front yard garden. A custom fence screens the courtyard from street views, while a new garage door and fresh coat of paint on the house and retaining wall complete the transformation.

The homeowners had been tending the statuesque bottle palm for years in a pot: it now anchors a broad assortment of aeoniums, agaves, aloes, sedums, ornamental grasses, New Zealand flax and colorful perennials and ground covers. The chocolate brown of the edging strips and muted tans of the California Gold mulch and decomposed granite paths provide the perfect accents.

It's noteworthy that other than installing the rectangular concrete pavers leading from the driveway to the front door, the homeowners completed all other aspects of the installation, including removing the previous landscape, prepping the soil and installing the irrigation, DG paths, plants and mulch.