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Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

Specializing in colorful, water-conserving gardens

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The Hyper-Local Garden

This is My Garden - How About Yours?

Who can resist the amazingly satisfying flavors of a fresh-picked tomato, the crisp crunch of summer sweet corn or the tender subtlety of delicately steamed asparagus? What's not to love about fresh peach juice dripping down your chin or slicing open your very own avocado and spooning out its deliciousness?

Grow your own and the greatest distance your food will travel is from your garden to your plate. Plus, you can be assured that it's entirely organic.

Whether you have acres to spare or just a small, sunny spot, surely you can find room for at least a few edibles. You might grow seasonal veggies and herbs in the ground, in raised beds or in large containers, or weave fruit trees into your larger landscape.

Whatever your space, bear in mind that ours is one of the most edible-friendly climates in the world, and we at Santa Barbara Garden Design would love to help you create your own garden of eatin.'